Dominant Aluminum (Thomastik Infeld) 4/4 Violin String set


Thomastik Dominant 135B Violin String Set *4/4* Ball Ends (Medium,SyntheticCore)

G- Synthetic core with silver wound
D- Synthetic core with aluminum wound
A- Synthetic core with aluminum wound
E- Chrome steel ball end

Favorite among top soloists! One of the best strings ever!
Don't neglect the necessity of renewing your strings bi-annually!
New strings give new life to your violin!

Dominant strings have a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core.
Similar to gut strings in terms of tone and response, but without gut
strings' inherent drawbacks.

The sound of the Dominant string is Rich and Mellow.
It has Great Penetrating Power and it Radiants through the concert
hall in the most Magnificent way.
Response well to the most subtle fingering, expressive slides and glissando.
Artificial harmonics is Crystal Clear as whistle and even pizzicato
gives you Incredible substance.
In combination with the use of vibrato, Dominant strings enables you
to generate all layers of Colors and Textures for your music.
Works Magic in double stops! You can now hear the overtones easily and
you can now truly Feel the Harmony as it Resonate with you and your

Stable over a wide range of temperature and humidity.
Remember to change your strings every season to ensure the optimal
quality of tone production!