Thomastik Infeld 4/4 Vision Solo - Alum string set


  • This Full Set includes: Removable Ball-End Tin Plated Multi-layer Steel Wire Core E, Ball-End Aluminum Wound Synthetic Core A, Ball-End Silver Wound Synthetic Core D, and Ball-End Silver Wound Synthetic Core G
  • 4/4 violin
  • The tone of these popular strings is brilliant, round, and well-defined "soloistic" with excellent focus and clarity that does not sacrifice warmth or projection. Energetic, intense projection with no under-ear hiss.
  • Playability is extremely quick with easy bow response and evenly balanced from string to string with effortless left hand feel.
  • These strings boast an extremely short settle-in time for both pitch and tonality with little harsh or steely tone during break-in.